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January 2023 Update


Hey everyone, Kia here.

Back with the news.

Some of you may have already seen that the roadmap has changed a little, with Motion 1.5 being the only remaining item in the current pipeline, and I'd like to use this post to explain why.

I have come to realise that what I and you who vote on the roadmap want is simply not feasible to implement as a solo developer, given that I am the only person working on Motion while also working full time.

It will take too long, it will grow too big and I would be forced to take shortcuts that would compromise quality.

I have also come to realise that Motion is currently too complex and difficult to use. Some features in Motion are very powerful (e.g. the curve system). However, they are not as easy to use as I would like them to be.

Therefore, regarding the future of Motion, I have made the following decisions:

- Development of Motion 2.0 will cease for the time being. Any future announcements for 2.0 will be made when 2.0 is released in the near future.

- Motion for Unreal Engine 4 will be discontinued early. The UE4 version will no longer be available from August 2023. Support for the UE4 version will end in October 2023.

There will be one final update for the UE4 version to address outstanding QoL issues. Subsequent updates will be bug fixes only.

- Motion 1.5 will be a significant reduction in complexity with the removal of a number of minor features. (e.g. the Jump Stamina feature)

If you do not wish to use Motion 1.5, Motion 1.4 will be available for download to verified customers on request.

I cannot say when all this work will be done, as the economic situation is starting to have a significant impact on me as well. It is becoming even more difficult to outsource any work.

Any development progress can be found in the #changelog channel.

These decisions were hard to make, but necessary to provide everyone with reliable updates and a quality asset you can use to build your projects.

Have a great rest of the weekend.